Thursday, August 25, 2005

FYI - Internet Explorer 7 Screenshots

I found this link on that referred to Internet Explorer 7. I downloaded the file and installed it. The experience wasn't too great, the computer rebooted fine, but when I ran IE7 for the first time, it failed from the get go, I closed it and tried it again...failed! I checked the specs on the machine, made sure all the updates were done - everything was up to date, so I restarted the machine, tried loading IE7 again and it failed. I included some sreenies of the failure.
I open Internet Explorer 7 and I'm greeted with this!

The version number is 7.0.5112.0 - Error report

For those of you who installed the software and are now regretting it, follow these steps (thanks Juke) to remove IE7 from your system, I'll just wait until the public Beta is released!

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